2018 Ride Schedule Announced!

Parts Unkown, AZ – September 23, 2017

by El Presidente


Announcing the new schedule for the coming year is always a fun thing for me and this year was made extra special because of the amount of input and effort by the members of our Board of Directors.  The 2018 schedule features tradition, the return of an oldie but a goodie, something completely new and some new twists  on things we’ve done before.

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El Presidente Steps Down As Chair of the 2018 SCMA 3 Flags Classic

Also Resigns From SCMA Board of Directors

Buckeye, AZ – September 17, 2017

by El Presidente


As many of you know, I was selected as chairman of the 2018 43rd Annual 3 Flags Classic earlier in the year.  As of September 13th, I notified the board of directors of the SCMA and it’s chairman that I was stepping down along with resigning my board position as Marketing Manager.  This announcement is not intended to throw stones at anyone, but I would like to clearly state my reasons before any rumors and/or false information get out.

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AZRATPack Family BBQ (Bikes, Blues & BBQ) Recap

Spectrum at Val Vista, Gilbert, AZ – September 16, 2017

by El Presidente

We were approached via our Meetup group by the community events organizer of Spectrum at Val Vista, a community in Gilbert if we could provide bikes for their community event which they were calling Bikes, Blues & BBQ.  This was set to be a community event that featured a couple of food trucks, a couple of bands and a bike show with a people’s choice award.

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AZRATPackers Complete 42nd Annual SCMA 3 Flags Classic

Abbotsford, BC to Puerto Peñasco, SON – September 1-4, 2017

by El Presidente

Though the AZ 3FC Posse didn’t ride together this year, there were a few AZRATPackers that made the journey to Abbotsford, BC to start this year’s 3 Flags Classic and to eventually make the finish in Rocky Point.
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6th Annual GO AZ Motorcycles Sedona Ride Recap

GO AZ Motorcycles, Scottsdale, AZ – August 19, 2017

by El Presidente

Every year I write up the description of this ride, I always include the words “challenging loop.”  Sometimes I get flak for using this phrase describing a trip to Sedona, but if you factor in the time of the year, you can get various challenges like, rain, cold, heat, sleet, and haboobs.  Over the years of putting this ride on together with our sponsor, GO AZ Motorcycles, we’ve experienced all of the above!  This year though, we were met with sunny skies and with temperatures that were not as hot as they could have been.  Though, this year, the words “challenging loop” still applied! Continue reading “6th Annual GO AZ Motorcycles Sedona Ride Recap”